1. high-ryanlion-flyin:

    Just in case you weren’t on the moon last night. This is what earth looked like from the moon’s perspective 

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  2. mapsontheweb:

    Voronoi Map of Closest International Airport to any Point on the Globe

    (Source: Washington Post)

  3. mapfail:

    Where’s Ukraine? Each dot depicts the location where a U.S. survey respondent situated Ukraine; the dots are colored based on how far removed they are from the actual country, with the most accurate responses in red and the least accurate ones in blue.

    (Source: Washington Post, via mapsontheweb)

  4. Субъекты Российской Федерации
    Subjects of the Russian Federation

    It was very hard to find a map of Russia with Crimea included.

  5. globemakers:

    Have you ever seen Globe Sushi? Us neither until now..

    Bellerby and Co - Handmade Bespoke World Globes - Like us here :: www.facebook.com/BellerbyGlobemakers - Follow us Here - https://twitter.com/globemakers

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  6. matishowski:

    Though I pray and pray, everyday
    the good lord helps me pass
    i find myself just as pleased
    when the devil cancels class

  7. So i heard the news and checked the maps on wikipedia, just to see how quickly things get updated. Around five AM, it hadn’t changed, but this morning it had. Not sure how to feel about any of it. I’m Ukrainian, (well my father is half, and it was the only thing i was told growing up. If you asked me where my family is from, that’s what i’d tell you first.),  I will tell everyone something, as someone who is about to finish a history degree, i spend a lot of time thinking about the world. And the future. I’m worried. Not because all the sabers are rattling, but the little things. Humans often blunder their way into terrible things.

  8. mapsontheweb:

    Japanese Map of Asia, 1929

  9. thelandofmaps:

    Daylight savings map of the world [1429x778]

    I loathe dst

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  10. spaceexp:

    Every single satellite orbiting Earth, in a single image.

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