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    1966 Soviet map of world ore deposits

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    I like this projection

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    The Flow Of Foreign Fighters To Syria

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    How much is time wrong around the world? [4000x2048] Source in comments

    It would appear that all them yuppie city slickers got all the good time to themselves

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    United States & China: The image of the globe’s two superpowers, July 2013

    Publics around the world believe the global balance of power is shifting. But while China’s economic power is on rise, globally the US remains more popular than China.

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    Non-Canadian Dogs

    Michael Deforge

    Lose #6

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    Global Peace Index, 2014

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    Travel Times From London in 1914

    From An Atlas of Economic Geography by JG Bartholomew, a “Victoria Gold Medallist of the Royal Geographic Society”. Oxford University Press, 1914.

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    PLANET SYSTEM vintage lithography


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